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3 Stylish Ways to wear your Chunky Twists

Sometimes I get too busy or lazy to do anything with my hair so I just put them in 8-10 twists and head to work or anywhere. I’m sure I am not the only one Keep Reading

Protective Styling Inspiration- White Box Braids

Protective Styling Inspiration- White Box Braids On Saturday evening, I began unbraiding the ends of my hair to make it easier for me to take out my braids the next day but when I was Keep Reading

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Hi lovelies! How are you all doing this Saturday morning? Great I hope. For me, I am drawing closer to my eight week mark to take out my kinky twists, so I thought I should Keep Reading

4 Reasons Why You Should Protective-Style

In this post, I refer to protective styling as a general term for hairstyles that require the ends of the hair to be hidden from view. For example, wigs/box braids/weaves/kinky twists etc. However, the proper Keep Reading

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Current Hair Situation- DIY KINKY TWISTS + VIDEO

It’s that time of the year again lovelies. I put my hair in kinky twists for 8 weeks usually in the months of March and April and its become a habit for me over the Keep Reading

Hairstyle for the Week- French Roll and Side Swoop

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This super easy trick is especially for busy naturals or low manipulation regimens, who either cannot afford to have their hands re-twisting or re-braiding night after night and want to retain length. Things you’ll need Keep Reading

First Wash Day of the Year

Happy New Year beautiful people! I hope you all are healthy and looking forward to a better journey this 2015. I pray that God shall grant you all the grace you need to make tremendous Keep Reading