Don’t worry my hair is not in braids again. This post is one of the few I forgot to put up a while ago. I like to braid using different colours whenever I can because it helps me to experiment with colour without having to think of damaging my hair. It also makes taking out my braid attachments easier because my hair colour and the braid colour chosen are always different so I don’t make the mistake of cutting the braid too short and giving myself an unintended haircut.
Braiding with colour is also a good opportunity to change-up your look and style. Depending on how bright the colour attachment is, it can contrast the skin beautifully.

From my experiences, I have learnt the following tips.

  1. Braid with any colour you want, after all it’s about experimenting.
  2. If you want to mix and match colours, go for colours that closely follow each other. e.g. Colour 27 and 30.
  3. Try to braid the less dominant colour in a particular section of your hair instead of scattering it all over. It makes the final result look organised and neatly contrasted.
  4. Also remember that, if your hair is a different colour to the braid colour, you would already have a contrast going on.
  5. Go easy on mixing colours, anything more than three distinctly different colours will make you look like you have a circus on your head.

I hope this helps!

Have a good day lovelies.