Tips for Waking Up with Beautiful Hair

As indicated in an earlier post entitled ‘25 Tricks and Tips for Growing and Maintaining Natural Hair’, one of the easiest ways to keep your hair in place and look gorgeous in the morning is by wrapping your pillow with a satin scarf. It’s a great alternative and perfect for those that can’t seem to keep their scarf on their head throughout the night.

There are lots of ways to style your kinky mane, from no-heat techniques like bantu knots as shown on Igbo Curls, to using a one-inch flat iron to curl your hair as demonstrated by a beauty tutorial from The Scene. But some of the best things you can do for your tresses is to keep them in their natural state, applying some overnight hair hacks in order to wake up with optimum results. Plus, this allows you to maximise your shut-eye, or give you more time to complete your morning regimen.

Here’s what you can do during your nightly routine to wake up with amazing hair:

1) Make the most out of satin

Most girls probably only use a satin scarf or sleep on a satin pillowcase at night, but because our hair is prone to dryness, it’s important that we seal in as much moisture as we can overnight. Instead of using just the pineapple method or sleeping on the scarf, consider doubling up on the satin layers. If the scarf doesn’t stay on your head, a satin bonnet will do. You can also wrap your hair with a scarf before wearing the bonnet. Those with the pillowcase will then give your hair three layers of satin to ensure moisturised hair in the morning.

2) Wet, then twist or braid your hair

Braiding or twisting your hair also works well to seal in the moisture, and it also gives you natural waves or curls the next day if you’re pressed for time in the morning. Although prior to twisting, it’s important that you wet your hair beforehand. BGLH points out that it’s not just a simple spritz of moisturiser that you need, as you actually have to wet your hair until it’s damp.

3) Use the pineapple method

If you haven’t got satin pillowcases, scarves or bonnets to double or triple up on the satin as suggested in the first tip, pineapple your hair. The strands are the driest parts of your hair, and you’ll want to keep your ends away from cotton pillowcases. All you need to do is pull all your hair to the top of your head, loosely tying all your strands as close to your hairline as possible. If your hair is too short to pull all the way to the top, you can also divide it into four sections using rubber elastics. According to Pop Sugar, this is the only case in which these elastic bands are acceptable. Just make sure that you only tie the bands around each section once, placing them closer to your head. This will prevent any indents and minimise hair damage.

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Photo: Pexels