I decided to try TRESemmé Naturals Moisture Shampoo because my hair really loves the conditioner. This Shampoo lathers easily and is gentle on my scalp. The ingredient list (from what I understand from it) is also friendly and void of harsh chemicals thus, it does not strip out all the moisture in my hair but easily gets rid of product buildup.

However, the only issue I have with this product is that, sometimes when I use it and it comes in contact with my facial skin it stings a little. I am not sure why this happens and I don’t know if it’s happened to anyone else that has used this product but it might be because I have a sensitive skin. Not certain yet.

From my experience so far with this shampoo, I think its safe to say it works well on my hair but I would advise, if you have got sensitive skin like me, to be a little careful.