Twist Out Secret on 4c Natural Hair

Hi lovelies!

I made a Youtube Video sharing my secret to how I always achieve a defined, stretched and flawless twist out every time. The video was filmed about 4 days after wash day and I also added my hidden half up tutorial on natural hair. You all know how much I love this hairstyle on Instagram so I decided to show you all how I achieve it. (It’s always been a twist-out, haha).


The video is about 8 minutes long and just incase you may not have the data to watch it, don’t worry, I’ll add my pictorial below.

IMG_8145 2 in 1-The Secret To A Flawless Twist Out + Hidden Half Up Hairstyle
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Hidden Half Up Half Down

Also, my flawless twist out secret on 4c natural hair every time is quite simple. I use a water based product ONLY when I set my hair. I don’t spray water before or after. Water makes your hair shrink and if you are looking for a stretched twist, or simply a stretched look, I would advice you avoid spraying water on your hair when styling. Don’t worry it won’t make your hair any less moisturised if you don’t spray water and if you are wondering why a water based product is better, let me answer your question. Water based products are simply hair moisturisers that have water as the first ingredient. Therefore, since these moisturisers have been formulated with water, oils and other beneficial ingredients to make your hair soft, hydrated and overall more manageable, they moisturise your hair instantly when used without having to spray water because water is already in them.

So in my case, I have thick and high porosity hair so my hair is a big fan of Lotta Body Curl & Style Milk. I use it whenever I want to achieve this Hidden Half Up Hairstyle because it defines my curls even in just 6 chunky twists and when I’m done twisting, I tie my natural hair down with a scarf and wait till its dry or wait till the next day before taking it down.

The mini video below is the one I uploaded on Instagram last night. So if you can’t watch the full video above, this 53seconds one shows a run through of my Hidden Half Up Hairstyle Tutorial.


I hope you enjoy watching.

What are your secrets to achieving a flawless twist out? Share below!

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