Wash Day came early this past week because I got new products that I couldn’t wait to try. My list of new products can be found here.

First of all, I Shampooed with one of the samples of the Shea Moisture Superfruit 10-in1 Renewal System. I applied this directly to my dry scalp like I was oiling it before rinsing it out with water. I learnt this from Felicia Leatherwood when she spoke at the Nigerian Natural Hair and Beauty Show last week and it really helped. (I have always had the problem of getting rid of that buildup that is hidden on my scalp between my twists but with this tip thats no longer a problem).

img_0335 WASH DAY
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Secondly, I Deep Conditioned with Obia Naturals Babassu Deep Conditioner. I applied this product from my roots to tips and left it under a plastic cap and shower cap for about an hour. When I was done rinsing, I had super soft hair and even hands!

Next, I did a quick cold apple cider vinegar rinse to seal my hair cuticles and add shine.

Following that, I applied Giovanni Direct Leave-in conditioner and detangled and twisted my hair with Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Twisting Butter.

I hardly do twist outs because I don’t like how they look on me but these results are making me change my mind.

How was your last wash day? What did you do differently?  Share below!