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Month: February 2017

Tips for Waking Up with Beautiful Hair

Tips for Waking Up with Beautiful Hair As indicated in an earlier post entitled ‘25 Tricks and Tips for Growing and Maintaining Natural Hair’, one of the easiest ways to keep your hair in place and look gorgeous in the morning is by wrapping your pillow with a satin scarf. It’s a great alternative and perfect for those that can’t seem to keep their scarf on their head throughout the night. There are lots of ways to style your kinky mane, from no-heat techniques like bantu knots as shown on Igbo Curls, to using a one-inch flat iron to curl your...

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3 Simple Steps Showing How To Go Natural Like a Pro

HOW TO GO NATURAL How To Go From Relaxed To Natural Hair [embedyt][/embedyt] If you are reading this post, you are either thinking about how to go natural or how to return natural. So guess what? You are in the right place. I have listed 3 STEPS BELOW TO MAKE YOUR TRANSITION FROM RELAXED TO NATURAL HAIR FAST AND EASY. First things first, you need to decide either to Big chop or Transition. Big Chop basically means chopping off all your relaxed, texturised, texlaxed, bleached, damaged, whatever state your hair is in- chopping everything off and transitioning means...

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Back with Fire & Smoke!!😄

but Chinwe, there is no smoke without fire😂😭. – Oyibo Amaka Hi lovelies! This is my official Happy New year plus happy every other celebration you’ve already had this year. 😄  I have a number of excuses why I have not been available but none of that matters now since I’m back!😁 I’m so excited it’s contagious. I have so much planned for you all this year so I pray God gives me HIS Grace to accomplish them all. I hope you all have been well. It is just February but so much has already happened in this blessed year of 2017....

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