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How I Detangle my hair

Coincidentally, I detangle my hair in the same three ways Naptural85 does hers as well. She put a video up on YT yesterday (I think). So I decided I might as well add the video to this post to visualise what I had already written down here. The link will be inserted below so read, watch and enjoy!

I usually detangle my hair depending on how my hair feels. If it is well moisturised, soft and stretched enough to have just a little amount of tangles, I opt for dry detangling. To do this, I apply some EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) to my palms and massage it into the section of hair that I will be dealing with. Next, I gently pull the ends of my hair to remove any loose shed hair. Then, I use my right thumb to go through my hair strands from midsection to the ends of my hair and gently work my way to my roots. This is done whilst separating the hair with my other fingers. This method, ends up giving me a mini blowout look that I can wear out if I wanted to the next day and it also saves me some time.

Damp Hair Detangling

For detangling my hair whilst its damp, I purchase a watered down, cheap, slippery conditioner because I need to use a lot of it. I use this conditioner to completely saturate my strands after lightly spritzing some water on it and I follow with the same finger movements to remove shed hair as I do in dry detangling. This process gets a bit messy as you would have shed hair stuck to the conditioner in between your fingers and whilst trying to get rid of it you may splatter some conditioner all over the place. On the other hand, this process could also save you some time if you wanted to co-wash your hair. Right after damp detangling your whole head, just apply your deep conditioner on top cover with a shower cap and you’re good!

In-shower Detangling

I call this one Express detangling. Whenever I’m in a rush and my hair badly needs a wash, I go for this method. All that needs to be done is;

  1. Part you hair into four sections
  2. Slather some conditioner all over your hair
  3. Jump in the shower
  4. and gently rake your fingers through your hair sections (under the stream of water) until you’re satisfied that all the shed hair has been removed.

Note however, that I only do this express detangling when I am sure I do not have stubborn knots in my hair. Dry knots are difficult to take out already but wet knots in your natural hair are a nightmare. Choose whichever works best for you or try all three! Finger detangling is the safest way to detangle your hair as it helps control the amount of breakage you would otherwise get from using other tools. It may also take some getting used to if you don’t finger detangle already but its worth it when you get the hang of it.

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