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hair-growth-cycle GROW YOUR NATURAL HAIR   Image gotten from The Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Each strand of our hair has its own follicle from which it grows from our scalp. We are expected to grow 1/4 to 1/2 an inch of hair per month but due to factors like age, lifestyle and hormones, each person’s hair growth cycle is different. 

Furthermore, each hair strand goes through four stages;  Anagen ( growing stage), Catagen (resting stage), Telogen (the shedding stage) and Exogen ( the period of time which the hair follicle remains inactive before beginning a new Anagen). These four stages help to keep our hair strands in a continuous cycle, thereby ensuring that we always have hair on our head.

Take home points :

  1. Hair is unique on every individual.
  2. Shedding is normal (only when it is excessive should appropriate measures be taken).
  3. There are several factors that affect hair growth.
  4. Our hair growth occurs in a cycle.


I hope this brief summary of hair growth stages adds some knowledge to what you already know about hair.


Peace & Blessings,


Sourced from the Science of Black Hair by Audrey-Davis Sivasothy.

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