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Hello to all my readers that are transitioning 

I’ve found that a great majority of you who are following my blog are currently transitioning from relaxed to natural hair and that’s wonderful!

Natural hair is beautiful and I hope you enjoy every step of your journey. I’m here to help in any way I can so drop me a comment or an email if you need to ask any questions.

My sisters just recently big-chopped after transitioning for a couple of months and have volunteered to help me with their pictures for this section. So I will be giving tips on how to style and manage transitioning hair on here so bookmark this page!


Peace & Blessings.



  1. Mel


  2. Onaedo

    Hello!how do you take care of transitioning hair?it’s two different textures.

    • Igbocurls

      Hi Onaedo! Your answer requires a whole post which I can write and put up in a few days but the main tips are; to keep your hair stretched, be gentle while combing, trim gradually, deep condition often and always keep your hair moisturised.


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