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The Ultimate Hack for Maintaining Natural Hair between WASH DAYS

The Ultimate Hack for Maintaining Natural Hair between WASH DAYS


IMG_5351-300x201 The Ultimate Hack for Maintaining Natural Hair between WASH DAYS
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I have been using this method for the past 5 years and yes my hair is still very healthy.

There are a number of hacks for natural hair but over the weekend, I released a 90 seconds video showing how fast you can keep your natural hair moisturised but unfortunately some people couldn’t keep up.?


The point of the video is to show that you can keep your hair moisturised and soft in the shortest amount of time either daily or three times a week especially for us naturals that have full time jobs (plus personal businesses) and families to take care of. Don’t get me wrong, there are other ways to maintain natural hair and this is by no means the only way to, but this method is by far the FASTEST and that is the point I am driving home.

I have mentioned the importance of a hair mist in your natural hair care routine in several of my posts like here and here and it is all you need for this routine.



  2. It ACTUALLY DOES WORK when you find a hair mist or leave in conditioner that works for your hair type.
  3. It keeps your hands out of your hair.
  4. You only need ONE PRODUCT. I mean, does it really get any better than this?

What is the point of protective styling?? To retain length when you keep your hands out of your hair right? Exactly. This helps to make sure you do that while keeping your styles fresh and your hair underneath healthy.

So please watch the video above however many times you want and make sure to Subscribe and Share!


What hacks do you use to maintain your natural hair between washdays? Share below!

About The Author

Chinwe Juliet

Hi! My name is Chinwe Juliet and on here I share with all honesty all the information about my natural hair. Natural hair is beautiful so all my tips and tricks will be listed to help you achieve the look you desire. I also hope to inspire everyone of you not only with your natural hair but your inner beauty as well. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Thank you for being here. Stay blessed and love always.


  1. Karen J

    What about sealing in the moisturer?

    • Chinwe Juliet

      Nope, not needed. A hair mist is an already formulated blend of both water and oils (emulsifiers) so once sprayed it does not evaporate as simple DIY mixes do.

  2. Sisilicious!

    where do u get ur earrings 4rm? your hair is beautiful


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