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Headwraps/ Headscarves

I wear headwraps very often. When I go to church, events or when I don’t want to bother with styling my hair. This helps my hair take a break from all the constant manipulation that leads to breakage, split ends, knots and tangles. It also protects my hair from the sun’s ultraviolet rays as UV rays can be very harmful to our hair causing dryness and in extreme cases hair colour change.

Therefore, I would advise headscarves should be added to a healthy hair care regimen.

Play around with different materials and coloured scarves/wraps and style them the way you feel so.

Peace & Blessings,

Chinwe Juliet 🙂



Tip- whenever you wear a head wrap/scarf, try to also wear a silk scarf or satin bonnet underneath it to prevent the head wrap/scarf material from drying out your hair.




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