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3 Simple Steps Showing How To Go Natural Like a Pro

3 Simple Steps Showing How To Go Natural Like a Pro


How To Go From Relaxed To Natural Hair


If you are reading this post, you are either thinking about how to go natural or how to return natural. So guess what? You are in the right place. I have listed 3 STEPS BELOW TO MAKE YOUR TRANSITION FROM RELAXED TO NATURAL HAIR FAST AND EASY.

  1. First things first, you need to decide either to Big chop or Transition. Big Chop basically means chopping off all your relaxed, texturised, texlaxed, bleached, damaged, whatever state your hair is in- chopping everything off and transitioning means slowly allowing your natural hair to grow underneath your damaged hair.

Now, I personally transitioned because at the time, I was very conscious of having short hair.

I was super conscious of cutting all my hair off because I wanted something to put in a bun to style so I decided to transition for seven months and then I got tired of seeing my relaxed ends looking very unhealthy and dead so I just ✂️✂️✂️ cut them off.

That’s the first step you need to take. You either need to make the decision to transition or to big chop.

  1.  After you’ve made your decision, you have to think about having a Regimen. A regimen basically means, what you constantly do to your hair to keep it healthy and to retain growth. So as your hair grows, a regimen makes sure your hair breaks less than how fast  it grows. (That’s the whole secret to retaining length to be honest so you really need a regimen.

  2. A regimen consists of: pre-poo , shampoo, deep conditioning, apple cider vinegar rinse that’s for the washing bit and then for styling you need leave in conditioner, hair moisturiser or hair butters and oils.

**Remember, everyone has different textures and porosity levels**

Now, I am going to explain the steps for a regimen really quickly. If you want more information, I can make a separate post for this.

  • Pre-poo means what you do before you shampoo and you can use an oil or butter to pre-poo for 10minutes underneath a shower cap. It keeps your hair soft. That’s the whole purpose of pre-poo and it prevents your shampoo from stripping out all the moisture from your hair.
  • Shampoos are meant to cleanse your hair without leaving it dry. When you go natural you will find out that there are two types of Shampoos. “Moisturising Shampoo” and “Clarifying Shampoo”. Moisturising shampoos will keep your hair soft while cleansing your hair. While clarifying shampoos—some can keep your hair soft but most times they leave your hair squeaky clean and slightly dry so use this when your hair is really dirty or once a month or once in 2 months.
  • Deep Conditioners are the back bones of natural hair, they keep your hair strengthened, hydrated and just feeds your hair basically.
  • For Apple Cider vinegar Rinse,  brings the pH (potential of hydrogen) of your hair back to its original level. What this does, is that it helps your cuticles lie flat. (Let me know if you want more information on this). Otherwise, I hope you understand. ?  That’s for the washing bit.
  • For styling, you need a leave in conditioner first, to keep your hair conditioned.
  • A hair moisturiser to add that extra softness and moisture.
  • Then an oil.

Some people use oils before the moisturisers, as I said earlier, hair porosity really matters so it really depends on your hair.

Those are the steps really quickly.


How To Comb Natural Hair

Now, if you are wondering when exactly you are supposed to comb your hair, in natural hair slang we call combing detangling.

There are 2 ways to comb natural hair, with a wide-tooth comb and with your fingers.

I use my fingers.

It took me a while to learn but I learnt in my first year of going natural.

For some people it takes longer. It takes a bit of practise but then you have less breakage. You lose a little bit more time so you have less breakage and hence, longer hair.

I finger detangle before I shampoo, so that’s after I pre-poo while my hair is really soft, I section my hair into about 6-10 twists and then I do not release my hair till after.

People always ask me this. Do you release your hair to deep condition and then re-twist again?


My hair is in twists while I deep condition until I need to style. That’s when I take my twists down.

Thereafter, I apply a leave in conditioner, hair moisturiser and then style. I could twist my hair again, braid or I could just style my hair.

That’s what I do but then you could do something different. Do whatever works for you.

In summary, I comb my hair, once or twice during my washdays, and through the week I keep my hair in a style for maintenance.

I don’t take my hair down every night to re-twist. However, you can if you chose to wear your hair out quite often.

For me, my hair is in protective styles 100% of the time, you can check my Instagram to see the kind of different styles I create with my own hair so I don’t need to take my hair down all the time to re-twist. Once my hair is in a particular style, all I need to do is use a hair mist.

Tips for Natural Hair

When your natural hair begins to grow, sometimes it gets really thick like mine. I will show you my relaxed hair photo here.

My hair got thicker, it got fuller and it got lots more voluminous. You should see my volume checks, its crazy.

So it’s always easier to deal with natural hair in sections. Divide it into 4, divide it into more than 4, however much that is convenient for you is absolutely perfect.

Before I forget, keep your hair from drying out overnight by sleeping with a satin scarf or satin bonnet.I prefer using scarves because, they just stay on and they don’t pull on my edges. Full edges for the win ya’ll, full edges for the win!  Some satin bonnets actually pull on your hair so be careful.

Other products that you can integrate into your natural hair regimen are as follows:

What else do you need to know????

If you have anymore questions, or if I left anything out, please add it in the comment section below. If you need more information, I read your comments even though I’m not able to reply every single person so I’ll make videos around your comments in the near future in other to help you more. So make sure you Subscribe to my YOUTUBE so you don’t miss out on answers to your questions and obviously don’t forget to follow me on  

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  if you need more inspiration. If you want more tips, don’t forget to
uc?export=download&id=0B2WW4YBuHY6STHBjN0lwLXhpT0U&revid=0B2WW4YBuHY6SdjdyV0Nlc1pLOWpiYm5oZHRrSnBmQnhmY3kwPQ 3 Simple Steps Showing How To Go Natural Like a Pro
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download my App on Android. I have loads of tips there. I hope the video above was really helpful, let me know what kind of questions you want me to answer, what kind of topics you want me to cover in the comment section.

About The Author

Chinwe Juliet

Hi! My name is Chinwe Juliet and on here I share with all honesty all the information about my natural hair. Natural hair is beautiful so all my tips and tricks will be listed to help you achieve the look you desire. I also hope to inspire everyone of you not only with your natural hair but your inner beauty as well. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Thank you for being here. Stay blessed and love always.


  1. Omle

    Hi IgboCurls ?
    Thank you so much for the hair tips. I really really love your hair, and I have lots of questions.

    But the first one is about combing. I tend to comb my hair a lot, infact everyday when I’m not carrying a weave.

    I feel like if I don’t comb it, it won’t be smooth and nice and neat, especially because it’s still on the short side (plus I’m not quite sure which hair group I belong to, 4c? 3c?…?)

    Is this a good thing? What do you suggest?

    • Chinwe Juliet

      Hi Omle!
      I apologise for my late response. Hmm…let me answer your combing question first with a few questions. How short exactly is your hair? And how do you wear it when it’s not under weaves? In an Afro? Picked out?
      It’s okay if you don’t know your hair type yet. You can learn by simply observing your hair. Is it thick? How do the curls look? Loose? Kinky? Curly? These questions would help me to help you better.

  2. Ah_nah_beh_lah

    I transitioned for 11 months before bigchopping. However I’m having a little problem with getting my styles to last more than a day.

    Could you do a post on preserving hairstyles on TWA. Also Could you make a progress album on how you went from your TWA to waistlength( your different length checks). It would be a lot of help and inspiration to many newbie naturals( myself included).
    Thanks in advance.

    BTW, I’m an avid fan of your hair and would love to get to that length.

  3. Martha eni

    Thank you so much for your tips I will start from cutting off the permed hair

  4. Chichi

    I think your site is awesome! Keep up the good work 🙂
    I’ve always struggled with really bad knots, a damaged crown area and hair that won’t grow beyond BSL. I can literally put my hair in a neat bun, and it will get knotted after 3 days causing me to need to break out my scissors. I definitely cannot ever leave my hair out. Do you get really bad knots like me and how do you deal with it? Background: almost 10 years natural. I have very fine 4c hair. The front of my hair will not grow beyond my chin. The back is strongest but keeps knotting so I have to cut it.

    • Chinwe Juliet

      Hi Chichi!

      Thank you very much!

      I apologise for my delay in responding. It’s quite easy to reduce the knots. What I do is, whenever I want to wear my hair in a bun, I twist the ends (not so tightly of course so that doesn’t turn into a knot as well).You can find a pictorial here.

      I hope this helps!

  5. Tajah B

    How often should oil and cream be added to hair?


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