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How To Stretch Natural Hair Without Heat – Braid Out

How To Stretch Natural Hair Without Heat – Braid Out

I always get asked how I stretch natural hair without heat so I started a series on my YouTube Channel  to show you all the different ways I do so. I plan on making my videos very simple and easy to understand so don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and you can also find most of the products I use at

Tips for achieving a successful Braid-Out

One way I stretch my hair without heat is by braiding it. It seems obvious to some but it is actually oblivious to many. Click To Tweet
  • To achieve a successful braid out and a full heat-less stretch, you need to know how to braid natural hair properly.  If your natural hair is not firmly braided, your curls will not come out as defined as they should be.

    IMG_27511-300x300 How To Stretch Natural Hair Without Heat - Braid Out
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    Igbocurls Heatless Stretch- Braid out

  • You also need a good curl defining cream for your hair type. I have thick high porosity 4c hair so in the video I used Dr Miracles Curl Care Leave in Conditioner, Lotta Body Moisturise Me Curl & Style Milk and A’Akuba Naturals Organic Coconut Oil.
  • Once you have applied your defining creams and braided properly,bobby pin your braids across your head.
This step is important because it prevents your natural hair from shrinking a lot while drying. Click To Tweet
  • Next, tie your satin/silk scarf over your hair and sit pretty while your hair air dries.

**Make sure to allow your hair to completely dry before taking your braids down. My natural hair is very thick so it takes 2 days for it to completely air dry.

For Maintenance, simply put your hair in 2 jumbo twists or braids overnight and mist with

Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier Therapeutic Formula for moisture every 2-3 days.


For Styling

There are various ways to style your braid-out and they go from easy to complicated but don’t fret, both styles I made right after this braid-out are very simple to do.

IMG_27701-300x300 How To Stretch Natural Hair Without Heat - Braid Out
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Basic Updo by Igbocurls

This is the Basic Updo. Unfortunately, I didn’t film this one because I actually didn’t know how my hair looked ( I did it without a mirror). It took me less than 5 minutes and I’ll work on a tutorial if you all really like it.


The next one is what I call a 2 minutes Fix-it hairstyle. I filmed it so you can watch it below.




What is your best way to stretch your hair without heat? Share Below!


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About The Author

Chinwe Juliet

Hi! My name is Chinwe Juliet and on here I share with all honesty all the information about my natural hair. Natural hair is beautiful so all my tips and tricks will be listed to help you achieve the look you desire. I also hope to inspire everyone of you not only with your natural hair but your inner beauty as well. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Thank you for being here. Stay blessed and love always.


  1. Nnaya

    Hey, Chinwe. I enjoyed reading this. Sometimes we just need to go back to the basics, really, and this is an awesome reminder. The hairstyles you did with the stretched hair are also super cute.

    I stretch my hair in two ways: (1) big twists then pin them around my head as you did with your braids, or (2) 2-4 giant bantu knots.

    IG: maghairng

    • Chinwe Juliet

      Thank you sweetie! The simple styles usually save the day!

  2. afrocurlitan

    This is such a great post!! I’ve had horrible luck with braid outs for years and I just couldn’t figure it out how to stop my hair from shrinking. I’m definitely going to use your bobby pin trick the next time I do a braid out!

    I have just one question, do you have any recommendations for how I can hide my hair while its drying? My hair also takes a while to dry in braids and I work in an office, so I would need a clever way of covering it up when its pinned up.



    • Chinwe Juliet

      Hi sweetie!

      I love your blog! Thanks for stopping by here. Are you allowed to wear head scarves to work because that’s what I do.

  3. Ah_nah_beh_lah

    Or you could wear a wig @afrocurlitan. Great post Chinwe. I use the African threading method to stretch my TWA although sometimes I use twists.

      • Anna

        No, it isn’t. Wig and weave-ons aren’t good for Christians.
        PS: And also attachments

        • Chinwe Juliet

          Well I’ve never heard of that. Anyway, if you can’t protective style, you can always wear a head wrap.


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