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How To Work with Pro-Bloggers in Nigeria

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How To Work with Pro-Bloggers in Nigeria

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How To work with Pro-Bloggers in Nigeria


I felt the need to add (Pro) meaning professional before Blogger because not every one who blogs knows it’s a business. ?

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Blogging IS a business and a real career choice.

So if you are a Business owner or PR agency reading this, I hope this helps you work with bloggers that can genuinely help your brand to grow. 

As mentioned earlier, there are basically 2 types of bloggers. The first blogs as a hobby with no real plans of making a living off their blog someday. While the second blogs, because they know they can make a career out of it. This does not mean that the former may not change their mind to become serious but for the sake of simplicity, understand the difference between both types.

*Please note: I know most major bloggers started their blogs as a hobby and eventually became serious as their stats grew so please also understand this.*

Now, there are several ways to work with bloggers and I’ll list them below.

Every blogger has their preferred way of communication, for me I prefer emails for business collaborations. It makes things easier and keeps it professional. Otherwise, DM’s, Facebook Page messages and more can also work as a means of reaching out to a Blogger of choice.

1. Establish Contact

Please write a subject that does not read like a SPAM message. Most times due to the fact that we bloggers publicise our email addresses, we tend to receive a lot of SPAM mail so if you want to reach out as a brand, its best to use this format.


…or anything similar. A simple Work with Us is also good enough. 

2. Next, please introduce your company then state which way you would like the blogger to work with you

and expect a FEE so you won’t be surprised when you get one. This post is for working with Professional Bloggers so if you would like to reach out to bloggers who may not ask for a fee but a free product instead then that’s equally fine too. It all depends on your budget and the quality of service you want from the collaboration. 

3. Add any other information that is necessary and send.

Please always allow 2weeks for a response and if you don’t receive one from a Pro-blogger you would really like to partner with, please send a Follow-Up email. Due to the volume of emails we receive per day it’s not easy to be able to go through them all so sometimes Follow-up emails always serves as a good reminder. 

Lastly, good luck with your collaborations and I hope you get the best results from them.

If you would like to work with Igbocurls, please email us at

Bloggers leave a comment with links to your websites below so brands can find you!

If you are thinking of taking up Blogging as a Career, contact me to join my Mentor Programme by using the link below!




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