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Since natural hair is obviously on both sexes I decided to dedicate this page to all textured haired guys out there who need simple and direct advice on what to do with their hair. 🙂 I know even guys get hair emergencies.  So I hope you find the information I share here relatable and comprehensive. Drop comments to let me know what I topics you want me to write on and enjoy learning!


Peace & Blessings,

Igbocurls 🙂


    • igbocurls

      I’m open to suggestions! What would you like to see?

      • helikestowritetoo

        Simple ways to take care of hair for one. You know, nothing complicated. If I’d like an afro, how do I get one? How do I maintain one and so on.

  1. Olayinka Oluyinka 'Tunde.

    Hello Chinwe.
    A Standing Ovation for you for the great work you are doing.
    I’ve been silently following your work, and need i say more about the originality of your piece.
    I’ve started growing afro, and need the best help i can get to keep it black as well as maintain it with minimal cost. Allow me to quickly state here that i’ve once applied relaxer some 3 years ago, and have severally dyed it but of course, the hair turns brownish after a month of dyeing. I practically don’t use soap on my hair anyway, and only use a shampoo once a week.
    Kindly advise on what steps to take as well as the products (from you) that can help.
    Looking forward to reading from you soon……
    Warm Regards.


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