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Some men aren’t familiar with the term co-washing, it simply  means washing your hair with a conditioner. (Yes, I said conditioner). 

Light conditioners are usually formulated with cleansing properties, therefore, hair can be cleansed ( not clarified) with conditioners. All that needs to be done in order to get healthy looking shiny waves or curls on your hair, is to run your hair under warm water and rinse with a light conditioner.

This method of cleansing the hair can be sustained for long periods if the moisturisers and styling products used after cleansing are also light and used in moderation. Any use of thick, heavy or dense conditioners will only add to the hairs current product buildup causing a barrier that bounces moisture away. After a while, this will cause incessant breakage.

Three useful tips when looking for a light conditioner are;

  1. the ingredient list should contain no silicone or heavy oils
  2. the conditioner should feel light/runny and;
  3. it is rinsed out easily

Co-washes are particularly good for men, busy people, express washes and people who work out as it saves time and battles dryness.

Enjoy Co-washing!

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