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Most men in Nigeria have Teeny Weeny Afros (TWA). A TWA is the easiest and most convenient stage of having an afro however, I tend to see rice or bean-shaped curls on the heads of most men and boys I encounter daily. It just seems like no care is being taken into hair grooming by men. Well not completely of course. Theres probably a quick bath soap hair wash in the shower and then (maybe) a hair moisturiser (if available), followed by a comb or brush, depending on how high the hair is.

I know you’re definitely thinking there’s nothing wrong with the above steps.

Notwithstanding, these steps are satisfactory. What makes them so is the question, after I do all the above  why do I still end up with unkept curls only after a few minutes of grooming?

Answer :- Before/After leaving the shower, make sure you do not completely dry out your hair with a towel. The water in your hair will moisturise your hair while the hair cream you use above it with seal in that moisture. This way, your hair will look healthier and shiny and most of all, your ‘waves’ will last longer improving your look by a mile!


Note- It might be handy to carry around a comb or brush in your pocket as little touch-ups may be necessary if no gel or do-rag was used to set and define curls.

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  1. Ibk

    lol So, i kinda figured i am a TWA man…for reasons I won’t get into in this comment 😛

    That aside, I also discovered, as an addition to your advices above, that combing the hair in all directions helps to make the hair seem fuller and bouncy. Which I feel should be a bonus for anyone sporting a short afro.

    In other words, not only front and back combing, but also side to side.


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